Round Cancelled – 5/6/16

Owing to the worsening of weather conditions overnight, the decision has been made to cancel all fixtures in the Hunter Junior AFL on Sunday 5th June 2016.

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Wet Weather Update for Sunday 5th June

No1 Sportsground has been closed by Newcastle City Council.

This has led to the following changes:
Under 15 Newcastle City Navy vs Maitland will now be played at Max McMahon Oval starting at 2pm
Youth Girls Newcastle City vs Warners Bay will now be played at Hillsborough Oval starting at 2.20pm
Under 9, 11 & 13 Newcastle City White vs Newcastle City Navy has been postponed to a later date

All other matches are currently as scheduled. No other ground transfers will occur. 

If matches are cancelled tomorrow, announcements will be made on and

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Representative Update 1/6

Congratulations to the following players who have been selected in the final teams for the 2016 Hunter Junior AFL Representative Program.

Under 17:
Hugh Blanchfield, Joshua Buchanan, Lucas Borrow, Bentley Cooke, Bailey Cullen, Noah Davies, Oliver Gilmore, Brandt Job, Jackson Kolachew, Riley Newstead, Lachlan Norris, Joseph O’Donoghue, Miles Peterson, Elias Pettigrew, Max Quinlan, Lucas Sager, Rory Sleeth , Josh Smith, Ben Taylor, Andrew Walker, Samuel Wellard, Riley Williams
Jake Ireland, Remy Thomas

Under 15:
Toby Bartsch, Jayden Duff, Jacob Finlay, Cooper Garrett, Connor Gill, Mathew Griffiths, Lincoln Harwood, Sam Heaton, Ethan Kolachew, Max Kozlik, Tyler Love, Ky McGrath, Sebastian McComb, Isaiah Olsen, Lachlan Price, Harrison Selkirk, Tyler Spelt, Brady Lee Sweetnam, Reed Van Huistedde, Riley Warner, Aiden Watling, Jack Woodhams
Oscar Bates, Jack Lyons, Sam Jordan, Jack Burns

Under 13:
Brad Aylett, Damon Baker, Jesse Bates, Lachlan Blyth,, Laine Delhunty, Leo Fleming, Bowen Flockhart, Dainen Haynes, Jayden Healy, Oscar Kunze, Cooper Luff, Jack McDonnell, Charlie Melville, Allan Morris, Joshua Papichio, Travis Peterson, Jake Sweetnam, Joshua Taylor, Connor Thornberry, Zachary Wellard, Matthew Whitington, Pat Wilgar
Riley Longley, Ned Fagan

Under 12:
Sonny Anderson, Nathan Battaglia, Spencer Burdack, Aiden Burns, Hugh Doherty, Lachlan Falley, Jonah Finlay, Joseph Gillard, Jarrod Inglis, Billy King, Ollie Latter, Oliver Murdoch, Connor Murray, Cole Pedersen, Denver Ross, Marshell Riches, Xavier Russell, Rahn Sonneveld, Zack Stewart, Mitchell Sweetnam, Oskar Watson, Grant Zane
Emergencies/Development Players:
Joshua Bell, Jack Denahy, Tyler Ford, Liam Lieschke, Lachlan Macnamara, Felix Mole, Isaac Stokes, Ziv Turner-Funk

Youth Girls:
Jade Bassett, Sophie Clancy, Matise Coram-Parker, Arizona Cross, Molly Fraser, Abbie Garbett, Laney Hessels, Brittany Hunt, Eireann Hurley, Claudia Ivankovic, Sabrina Kliousis, Michelle Maricic, Jess Old, Eloise Petersen, Kalani Rake, Holly Rayner, Kira Ridgewell, Tahlia Thompson, Nicola Walker
Jorga Cooke, Hallie Craigie

Representative Game Dates:
Challenge Cup 12 June (Under 12/13/15/17/Youth Girls) (Central Coast – Hylton Moore Oval, East Gosford)
Northern Challenge 7-8 July (Under 13/15/17/Youth Girls) (Central Coast – Passage Road Oval, Bateau Bay)
Hunter invitation 10 July (Under 12 Only) (Hunter – Venue TBC)

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Representative Information 2016

This year we have some fantastic representative events planned for the Hunter teams, the events are as follows:

Training will take place over 4 sessions. All nominated players will attend the first two training/selection sessions. The teams will be selected after these two sessions and will be displayed on the Hunter Juniors website. Only the selected teams will attend the final sessions.Sessions are as follows:

Youth Girls @ Dick Burwell Oval
Fri 20th May 6.30-8.00 Squad training / Team selection
Fri 27th May 6.30-8.00 Team training/ Team selection
Fri 3rd June 6.30-8.00 Team training
Fri 10th June 6.30-8.00 Team training

U12s @ Dick Burwell Oval
Fri 20th May 6.30-8.00 Squad training / Team selection
Fri 27th May 6.30-8.00 Team training/ Team selection
Fri 3rd June 6.30-8.00 Team training
Fri 10th June 6.30-8.00 Team training

Fri 20th May 6.30-8.00 Squad training / Team selection @ Rose Point Park
Fri 27th May 6.30-8.00 Team training/ Team selection @ Max McMahon Oval
Fri 3rd June 6.30-8.00 Team training @ Max McMahon Oval
Fri 10th June 6.30-8.00 Team training @ Max McMahon Oval

Fri 20th May 6.30-8.00 Squad training / Team selection @ Bill Elliott Oval
Fri 27th May 6.30-8.00 Team training @ Max McMahon Oval
Fri 3rd June 6.30-8.00 Team training @ Max McMahon Oval
Fri 10th June 6.30-8.00 Team training @ Max McMahon Oval

U17s @ Max McMahon Oval
Mon 23rd May 6.30-8.00 Team training/ Team selection
Mon 30th May 6.30-8.00 Team training
Mon 6th June 6.30-8.00 Team training

2016 Representative Coaches:
Age Coach 1 Coach 2 Manager
Youth Girls: Lauren Cooper & Jen Dixon
Under 12: Dan Pederson & Ben Stewart (Craig Harris – Manager)
Under 13: Alan Gaston & Greg Walker
Under 15: Craig Hewat & Darren Bird (Paul Heaton – Manager)
Under 17: Adrian Hoffman & Shane Jones

Representative Game Dates:
Challenge Cup 12 June (Under 12/13/15/17/Youth Girls) (Central Coast – Venue TBC)
Northern Challenge 7-8 July (Under 13/15/17/Youth Girls) (Central Coast – Venue TBC)
Hunter invitation 10 July (Under 12 Only) (Hunter – Venue TBC)

This year all successful players will be issued with a Polo shirt, shorts and socks, playing jumper and Hoodie. A levy of $140.00 will be charged per player to cover the cost of the uniform. This amount will be payable to your individual club, not the Regional Committee.

The Regional Committee would like to thank the dedication of the Players, Coaches and parents who continue to make the representative events such a success, we wish all players the best of luck with selection.If you have any questions regarding the representative program please do not hesitate to contact via Email;

Neil Barton – 2016 Representative Manager

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Hunter Representative Squads

Update 17/5 10.30am: Players from the Maitland/Wallsend Under 13 team have been added
UPDATE: 12/5 7.50am: Unfortunately an incomplete list of under 17 players was posted. This has now been rectified with missing players added. Apologies for any inconvenience or embarrassment caused.
Congratulations to the players announced in Representative Squads for 2016. It is anticipated that training will commence in the week commencing 16th May (next week). Days and venues are still being confirmed. Please check back to the website and Facebook for further announcements.

Youth Girls
Cardiff – Brittany Hunt, Matise Coram-Parker, Nicola Walker, Kira Ridgewell, Kalani Rake, Holly Raynor, Eloise Petersen, Arizona Cross
Lake Macquarie/Wallsend – Tamsyn Quick, Nicole Davis, Tia Young
Nelson Bay – Michelle Maricic, Emma Kelly, Grace Astley, Eireann Hurley, Molly Fraser, Madison Mulder, Claudia Ivankovic
Newcastle City – Jamie Lee Birkett, Imogen Patey, Kahlee Taylor, Rebecca Rayner, Sabrina Kliousis, Anastasia Sager, Brooklyn Perry
Singleton/Maitland – Kyah McBride, Hollie Craigie, Jorga Cooke, Jessyka Old, Phoebe Wickson, Sophie Clancy, Jade Bassett, Tahlia Thompson, Calista Griffiths, Ellie Oldham
Warners Bay – Lauren Ryan, Skye-Kathleen Alley, Danae Phelan, Verity Hawes, Charlee Wilson, Ellie Richards, Holly Searles, Madi Waugh

Under 17
Maitland – Josh Smith, Rex Greaves, Riley Stevens, Lachlan Guy, Dion Graham, Riley Newstead, Lachlan Norris, Colm Wightman
Lake Macquarie – Brandt Job, Ben Taylor, Jackson Kolachew, Rory Sleeth, Remy Thomas, Samuel Wellard
Newcastle City – Bentley Cooke, Elias Pettigrew, Lucas Sager, Parker Minns, Oliver Gilmour, Max Quinlan, Hamish Thompson, Hugh Blanchfield, Clarence Playford
Swan Dogs – Daniel Hardes, Noah Davies, Dyllan Parlane, Ryan Crew, Lachlan Waters, Riley Williams, Joshua Buchanan, Ryan Phillpott, Tom McDonnell, Hugh Fitter
Cardiff/Nelson Bay – Korben Donaldson, Adam Grant, Lucas Borrow, Jake Brown, Miles Peterson, Luke Rymer, Andrew Walker, Jacob Russell


Under 15
Newcastle City White – Samuel Cottom, Reid van Huistedde, Jack Woodhams, Toby Bartsch, Matthew Griffiths, Tyler Love, Jack Lyons, Nicholas Terranova
Newcastle City Navy – Harrison Selkirk, Brady Sweetnam, Aiden Whatling, Sebastian McComb, Noah McDonald, Harry Illingworth
Muswellbrook – Sam Heaton, Ky McGrath, Riley Warner, Connor Gill, Kaylub Howe, Jayden Duff, Oscar Bates, Ethan Kolatchew, Walter Pankhurst
Cardiff – Lachlan Price, Damen Ireland, Jayden Boyce, Logan Marshall, Danyon Blackeby, Isaiah Olsen
Swan Dogs – Cooper Garrett, Lincoln Harwood, Max Kozlik, Sam Page, Ben Misevski
Maitland – Sam Jordan, Eddie Sutherland, Tyler Barrett, Henry Edwards, Matt Guy, Nathan Greeves
Nelson Bay – David Fell, Chase Morrissey, Tylah Spelt, Mitchell Walls, Edward Begley, Jack Burns, Noah Connick


Under 13
Cardiff – Joshua Papichio, Charlie Melville, Danien Haynes, Travis Peterson
Newcastle City Navy – Jake Sweetnam, Oscar Kunze, Leo Fleming
Newcastle City Sky Blue – Ned Fagan, Jack Hartigan, Zade Perkins
Newcastle City White – Miles McCauley, Joshua Taylor
Lake Macquarie – Zachary Wellard
Maitland – Riley Longley, Max Watson Aarts
Nelson Bay – Lachlan Blyth, Lewis Limana, Cooper Luff, Aidan Mulder
Port Stephens – Jayden Healy, Jones Harrison, Fletcher Sinclair, Logan Sinclair
Muswellbrook/Singleton – Bowen Flockhart, Jesse Bates, Daltyn McCartney, Brad Aylett, Conor Thornberry
Warners Bay – Jack McDonnell, Jack Ellis, Matthew Whitington, Noah Law
Wallsend/Maitland – Damon Baker, Trevon Bob, Laine Dulhunty, Austin Sullivan


Under 12 – (U13) or (U11) depicts which team the players are from
Cardiff (U13) – Joe Calov, Sam Turley, Billy King, Matt King
Cardiff (U11)– Isaac Blacklow, Cooper Harridge, Finnegan Abbott, Lachlan Macnamara, Brayden Hawkins
Newcastle City Navy (U13) – Nathan Battaglia
Newcastle City Navy (U11) – Mitchell Sweetnam, Oliver Ryssenbeek, Patrick McLoughlin, Felix Mole
Newcastle City Sky Blue (U13) – Spencer Burdack, Lachlan Falley, Connor Murray, Oliver Murdoch, Matthew Godfrey
Newcastle City White (U13) – Dominic Stanbridge, Jay Martin
Newcastle City White (U11) – Noah Handley, Lachlan Prater, Jordan Wilson, Ziv Turner-Funk, Brodie Perry
Lake Macquarie (U13) – Joey Mott, Torei Golding
Lake Macquarie (U11) – Tyler Ford
Maitland (U13) – Ollie Latter, Denver Ross, Marshell Riches, Sonny Anderson, Aiden St Clair
Maitland (U11) – Xavier Russell, Rahn Sonneveld, Zack Stewart, Mason Rainbow, Jarrod Inglis
Muswellbrook/Singleton (U13) – Noah McGrath
Singleton (U11) – Steven Dedini, Dorion Thornberry
Nelson Bay (U13) – Aiden Burns, Hugh Doherty, Xavier Smith
Nelson Bay Blue (U11) – Logan Fisher, Jack Denahy, Zac Rimmer, Taj Lambert
Nelson Bay Gold (U11) – Bailey Toll, Charlie Ison
Port Stephens (U13) – Grant Zane, William Tasker
Port Stephens Black (U11) – Gestrin Drew-Michael, Joshua Bell, Josiah Hays
Wallsend (U11) – Harry Cornford, Lachlan Bray-Shonee, Noah Makki
Warners Bay (U13) – Cole Pedersen, Sebastian Thomas, Jonah Finlay, Joseph Gillard
Warners Bay Blue (U11) – James Lole, Oskar Watson, Liam Lieschke, Jackson Kendall, Isaac Cruckshank, Kaiden Brunkhurst, Morgan Garrett
Warners Bay Red (U11) – Korbyn Holz, Byron Bennett
Wallsend/Maitland (U13) – Jed Gaston, Che Laing, Isaac Stokes

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Hunter Representative Coaches Announced

Congratulations to the following coaches who have been appointed to the Hunter Representative Teams for 2016:

Youth Girls – Lauren Cooper and Jen Dixon
Under 12 – Dan Pedersen, Ben Stewart, Craig Harris (Manager)
Under 13 – Alan Gaston and Greg Walker
Under 15 – Craig Hewat, Darren Bird, Lindsay Guy (Manager), Paul Heaton (Assistant)
Under 17 – Adrian Hoffman, Shane Jones

Squads will be posted in the coming days, with training/selection dates to follow soon after.

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Tyrepower Powering Football In Northern NSW

Tyrepower have come on board to partner with selected Leagues across Northern NSW, with the highly respected tyre retailer identifying that AFL across the region is a growing sport, with a strong brand and exciting future.

Tyrepower have committed to being the Major Sponsor of the AFL North Coast, Tamworth AFL and AFL Hunter Coast for the 2016 Season, with a view to extend the partnership beyond this year. The sponsorship will support these Leagues in running quality competitions, growing participation, and gaining increased exposure within the community.

Tyrepower Marketing (NSW) General Manager, Michael Bate, said that the partnership represented a really exciting new direction for the company. “Tyrepower NSW is very pleased to be partnering with AFL Northern NSW for the 2016 season. Tyrepower NSW has a long history of being associated with sporting teams across the whole state, with many of our fifty nine stores sponsoring local rugby league, soccer and netball teams. However, in a first for the company, there is genuine excitement in the Group at partnering with Australia’s biggest spectator attended football code. Tyrepower is Australia’s biggest independent tyre retailer, and we see an association with the only genuine Australian football code as a perfect fit; we look forward to a successful 2016 season and partnership for both organisations”

AFL Manager – Northern NSW, Simon Smyth, was ecstatic to announce the partnership.

“To have such a reputable brand in Tyrepower partner our Leagues demonstrates the excitement around AFL in Northern NSW,” Smyth said. “The ability for our Leagues to engage commercial partners is so important, as it allows our Leagues to invest back into local football, which in turn provides benefits and savings for our clubs and their members. I am very thankful to Tyrepower for partnering with our Leagues as their Major Sponsor, and I look forward to a long and mutually fruitful relationship with Tyrepower.”

Tyrepower are Australia’s biggest independent tyre retailer, with 260 stores across the country. Tyrepower excel in product knowledge and customer service. To locate your local Tyrepower store, please visit .

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